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Ribbon is an educational ecosystem combining pedagogy, psychology & technology to solve learning & teaching challenges.

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Started our research and benchmarking report with a two-pronged approach: Machine learning let us build a bottom-up view of the edtech market, while human expertise and intuition extracted the top down analysis; mapping 26 clusters of hundreds of companies into 8 steps of the next generation learning lifecycle to extreact best practices.


Ribbons aren’t only for celebrations; they fold the story of success! "Chasing Success" acts as a unifying internal and external communication platform and vision for the business. A real foundation to build limitless stories highlighting growth opportunities built around the concept of success and reflected with a vibrant design system.


Educational framework combining pedagogy, psychology, and technology to solve learning and teaching problems. Enabled by a culture of learning revealing patterns teachers couldn't see before and giving them the powerful insights they need to improve pedagogy and transform the way students learn and what they can achieve.


With state-of-the-art video lectures presented by renowned experts and fascinating motion graphics covering all the academic subjects, Ribbon offers various exercises that uses adaptive technology to help students identify and break their gaps of learning by adapting their learning path accordingly.


A quantitative and qualitative assessment has been undertaken to examine the size and value of the market, the ongoing trends, demographics, and the traits of customers' expenditure in context with SWOT, PESTLE, Porter's 5 Forces and value chain analysis to inspect the attractiveness and copetitiveness of the industry.


Targeting 7.7 million students in KSA, Ribbon addresses a TAM of 1.5 billion dollars and a SOM of 125 million dollars estimated by bottom-up and top-down approaches. With an estimated EBIDTA Margin 40-50%, Ribbon outlines substantial horizontal and vertical growth plans over a course of 5 years to establish market leadership.


Ribbon will take advantage of its technology savvy human resources to successfully maintain automation to support operations managers’ activities. Through these efforts and a constant monitoring of the global market, Ribbon will remain effective in all of its strategic decision areas to achieve success and long-term leadership in the industry.


Ribbon has established strategic partnerships with both public and private sectors to achieve credibility and authority. We are collaborating with the Super Star Ragheb Alama who became our brand ambassador to kick off the project in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Ministry of Culture, and UNESCO in Lebanon.