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Ardona is a post-apocalyptic metaverse devasted by global warming where Pan-Arab nations fight for Oxygen to rebuild civilization.

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Reclaim Your Realm

In ARDONA's post-apocalyptic metaverse, the planet bears the scars of man-made ecological disasters brought on by global warming, leaving behind a devastated civilization. Heroes from different walks of life gather to wage a valiant battle, determined to restore the atmosphere and rescue humanity from the brink of annihilation. Within this metaverse, they navigate diverse open-world landscapes, ranging from ocean-based factories to fortified military bases, rustic barns to aged railroad tracks. Through mastery of the sprawling 14x14 km terrain, a champion shall emerge.


Champions of Nations

ARDONA beckons brave souls to embark on an adrenaline-pumping odyssey, offering a myriad of intense first-person shooter modes. From Battle Royale to Oxygen Warzone, Oxygen Extraction, Oxygen Odyssey, and Oxygen Hunt, players immerse themselves in gripping challenges presented in both single-player and multiplayer formats. They test their mettle against formidable AI opponents or engage in exhilarating contests representing six proud Arab nations: UAE, KSA, QAT, EGY, IRQ, LBN. As these warriors clash in breathtaking battles, the quest for unrivaled supremacy fuels their determination.


Overwhelming Opposition

Empowered by ARDONA's NFT marketplace, heroes arm themselves with formidable firearms, high-performance vehicles, and awe-inspiring units like the mighty 5-ton mech. This marketplace reveals a breathtaking array of characters, weapons, vehicles, consumables, and oxygen tanks, granting players the means to overpower adversaries. As heroes progress, ascending the ranks of NFT assets, they acquire items of increasing power, rarity, and value, establishing an unassailable dominance on the battlefield.


Monetizing Expertise

ARDONA offers heroes the opportunity to convert their skill and expertise into tangible rewards within its player-generated economy. Advancing through the game, heroes unlock the ability to craft new NFTs for sale in the marketplace. Accumulating oxygen points, the in-game currency, grants them oxygen tokens. These valuable crypto tokens can be traded in market exchanges, enabling heroes to harness the fruits of their gaming prowess and turn their passion into material gains. ARDONA's player-generated economy offers heroes a pathway to monetize their dedication and mastery.


Player-Generated Experiences

Within ARDONA's game creator studio, users find a realm of boundless creativity, where personalized gaming experiences take shape. With complete dominion over game modes, rules, maps, weapons, and characters, the storytellers fashion a unique adventure that mirrors their vision. From casual players seeking escapism to seasoned gamers yearning for novel challenges, ARDONA's game creator studio empowers them to transcend limitations and elevate their gaming experience to unparalleled heights.